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Super Smash Kirby Charms - 2" Double-sided Clear Acrylic

2" clear acrylic charms of Kirby ... as the playable characters in Super Smash Bros.!! Each comes with a gold star keychain.

If you'd like a custom Kirby, please choose "CUSTOM KIRBY" and fill out this form in the notes section before checking out:

Kirby Color: (if empty, it'll be default pink Kirby)
Alternate Color:

Please use this link to choose your alternate color. Characters with different "hats" or "hair" can be editted. Most characters will simply have a color edit. Please look at the image for samples! Here is the list of characters with hats/hair changes:

Bayonetta, Bowser Jr., Cloud, Corrin, Inkling, Jigglypuff, Link, Mario, Metaknight, Pikachu, Pichu, Robin, Villager, Wario

Please recognize that some characters may not have edits due to the limitations on what Kirby has. Check your character on the roster to save that money! DLC is not available until they're in game.

Orders with more than ten of these charms come with a special pouch! Limited supplies so *nudge nudge*

Please keep up with my twitter (@_shunao) for news!

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